03 May 2009

LotS: novitiate seedbed

[Computer-assembled collage]

novitiate seedbed

She bends over ground as yet
only dark, mealy soil. Here she's
entombed carrots and strawberries,
to munch and try not to think
of sex. The strawberries especially
are temptation: the red juice
sliding down her lips, the cat's-pupil
opening at the core, like her own.
After all, fruits are ovaries, full
of the fertility she is deciding
not to use. The carrots bring back
high school boyfriends for a moment,
before the crunch like crack of bone.
She once got in trouble for using
her teeth, while he drove down
the highway at night. As yet
she doesn't have enough God
to fill the space between her legs,
to close the slit demurely like a cat's eye.
So she busies her hands with manure
and rotten plantflesh, and thinks
of everlasting life.

[One of a series of poems whose titles are spam subject lines, "novitiate seedbed" was published in Mikrokosmos, 2005.]

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