05 June 2009


A couple of unfinished galleys, noted in passing:

Slanted & Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture, Kaya Oakes: I don't have a problem with hipsters or academics (unless, of course, they have a problem with me. Then all bets are off), but the first 50 pages of this confirmed that I hate Hipster Academics. Particularly ones whose sense of history only goes back to the Beats--who, yes, did some new stuff, but the way they did it owes a lot to the Jazz Age, the Bloomsbury set, and back and back through the bohemian ages.

Vanessa and Virginia, Susan Sellers
And speaking of the Bloomsbury set . . . if you write a novel about the Stephens sisters, people are going to think about Virginia Woolf's writing while they're reading it, so try to use other than simple declarative sentences and flat, oft-repeated similes, yes?

And while I did finish the Joni Mitchell biography, it kind of made me hate Joni Mitchell.

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