28 January 2010


The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To, DC Pierson: Best funny teenage-boy novel since I Love You, Beth Cooper. And like Beth Cooper, it's strangely pitched to adults rather than its actual audience; why? Cause adult paperbacks cost about as much as YA hardcovers? Because there's sex in it (horror of horrors, that teenagers should read books about themselves as they are)? Who knows. Anyway, it's funny and true to the fierceness of best-friendship and the building of worlds, and oh yeah, mild sci-fi.


  1. Hi Anna. Thanks for the nice write-up. I think it was skewed to adults 'cause of the language and drugs and stuff (which never seemed like a big deal to me but some grown-up types react weirdly to it.)


  2. Those grown-up types ruin everything.


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