04 March 2011

An experiment.

As I'm pressing on through Anna Karenina (I'm on page 217, and so far I don't like anybody. But I am assured it gets better) and so don't have new review-ish ramblings, I'm instead gonna once again take inspiration from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: specifically a feature entitled "Help a Bitch Out," in which readers share memories of a plot and commenters try to come up with the title of a book.

There is a horror novel I read in elementary school, possibly middle school (late 80s, early 90s). I remember almost nothing about the plot, but it featured one image I've never forgotten: there was some kind of magical maze(?), at the heart of which lurked a huge, vaguely demonic, white big cat (cougar-type, no mane). It had a name, which I've forgotten, and it killed people. GRAPHICALLY.

I'd thought for a while it was a Peter Straub novel, but looking through his bibliography didn't jog my memory (his website has a nice little display of all the covers). I don't think this is something I'd want to read again--but DRAT, I want to know what it is? Little help?


  1. I can't help you, but I too have a book read in elementary school whose identity I've been wondering about for years. It involved super-intelligent kids with scientist parents, a mysterious island with some sort of research, a sentient robotic head, and wristwatches powered by body heat. I have such a powerful impression of it, lasting more than twenty years now, but have never been able to recall either title or author. Argh.

  2. Sadly, that doesn't ring a bell. Amazing what our brains latch onto, innit?

  3. You guys might check Stump the Bookseller (http://logan.com/harriett/stump.html) or What Was That Book? (http://community.livejournal.com/whatwasthatbook/profile). They've got a pretty good track record with this kind of thing. Good luck!

  4. OK two things:

    1) I didn't know you had a blog, which I now find you've had for years, and I love it.

    2) Speaking of YA horror, it occurs to me, in keeping with your current fb wall discussion, that's it's been many, many years, since I found as much joy in reading something as I did in reading page after trashy page of Christopher Pike. The glee with which I tore into those books has been unmatched, even by Harry Potter, even by Maxine Hong Kingston, even by, well, anything... Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever read another book as good as the last good book I read, if that makes any sense.

    Otherwise, nice to electronically see you again.

  5. Happy to have you!!
    I will often take a YA paranormal break when I've been reading too many grown-up books. A lot of great stuff still out there.


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