01 February 2011

Bloject! Also, a destined-to-be-teen-classic.

First: Please Ignore Vera Dietz (A.S. King) was a Printz Honor Book this year (the YA Newbery, essentially), and WOW. The story of a girl whose best friend from childhood turns his back on her, then dies, leaving to deal with overwhelming love, hate, grief--and the duty to clear his name. It's utterly raw but somehow hilarious. I love that there are interjections from her ex-alcoholic accountant father's POV as well as Vera's (and her dead friend Charlie, and the Pagoda that looms over their town)--lesser teen fiction will paint meddling parents in a strictly negative light, but these sections let us into Ken Dietz's own struggles: we know he always wants the best for Vera, even if he's not very good at figuring out how to make that happen. Really wonderful.

I've decided February will be a romance-readin' month! (And nerts, I am not the first person to coin the portmanteau "bloject." Isn't it great?) I figure I can handle two novels a week (and maybe still have some time to read Paul Murray's first novel, An Evening of Long Goodbyes, whose first few chapters are a giddy, Wodehouseian Waughist pastiche). First some more Eloisa James, obvy: When Beauty Tamed the Beast (whose hero is loosely based on Gregory House! AWESOME) and An Affair Before Christmas (second in the Duchesses series). Then whatever comes from the ol' liberry fastest--I've reserved:

I will keep you in the loop! V. excited.


  1. I feel like I ought to say something more articulate than WOOOOOOT, but maybe that covers it well enough. I think you're going to have a really fun month!

  2. I find WOOOOOOT to be a singularly evocative and useful interjection, myself--though I often put zeroes in it for ADDED AWESOME. I, too, think it'll be a great month--also my first living with my boyfriend, so romance is in the air.


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