26 February 2011

Delicious (Sherry Thomas)

Another winner--is romance just awesome, or are my friends awesome recommenders? Little from Column A...

Delicious is a story about hunger, figurative and literal. Verity Durant becomes cook to Liberal MP Stuart Somerset after the unexpected death of his half-brother (and her former lover), Bertie; what he doesn't know is that she was the nameless woman he thinks of as Cinderella from a single ardent night ten years before. She remembers, though, and from the shadows cooks him meals full of passion and memory--his early childhood in the slums of Manchester, his friendship with Bertie that turned sour as they aged. He's got an inconvenient fiancée, she has a son she won't acknowledge and a hidden past. It's a lovely story of rediscovery and forgiveness...and omigoodness, the food! Anyone know where I can get a cheap madeleine mold?

[P.S. Nobody remembers the 1999 Sarah Michelle Gellar-Sean Patrick Flannery vehicle Simply Irresistible, a romantic comedy about a gal whose cooking is literally magical, right? No? Uhm, me neither.]

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