09 February 2011


Hey, remember when this blog was going to be book reviews AND creative writing from me? Hilarious! However, I am moved to post a couple of actual poetry-related items. Don't worry, this won't take long.

First, go read this "Ode to the Semi-Colon" over at Theresa's blog, because it is AMAZING and I wish I had written it! Semi-colons are just beautiful. Like a mermaid on a rock, or a cat with a fluffy tail.

Second! In belated honor of Elizabeth Bishop's centenary yesterday, a wee snip of a poem I wrote for her and Wallace Stevens back during a self-imposed "Yeah, you should really read some 20th-century poetry" period several years ago, entitled...

Poets in Waiting Rooms

Elizabeth Bishop
at the oral surgeon’s;
her waters run through
my land-locked aesthetic but no less so
does the word “maxillofacial.”

Wallace Stevens
through three hours at the DMV,
on the last day of my period.
Here it is hard to love
the concrete over the abstract;
here I believe him the vague comfort
of the unreal.

Though with handfuls of ugly-
worded colors I have no doubt
Stevens would make this queue radiant
as lead and flaxseed imitating moonlight.

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