16 February 2011

Two cents.

So the huge news in the book world today is Borders filing for Chapter 11 and closing 200 stores (including the one half a mile from my house in Wichita, where I bought most of my books in high school. And, uhm, made out with my boyfriend in the parking lot). Might as well add my tiny voice to the din of blogging. Here's what I said to a friend on Facebook who asked "Why is it bad that a mega-chain bookseller is closing?":

Well, it's bad news for the thousands losing their jobs, certainly, and for the publishers large and small who'll never see the millions of $$ Borders owes them. And it's bad news for communities whose only access to bookstores is a Borders.... It's bad news for all bricks & mortar bookstores because pundits will use it as an example of Why the Bookstore is Antiquated, and because it will drive even more traffic to Amazon, which will use the money to further its monopoly-seeking corporate agenda. Finally, it's bad news for me personally because it's going to flood the already nonexistent bookseller job market here with competition, some with more experience than me, and I don't have a resume good for anything else.

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